Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is BEEP BOOP?

BEEP BOOP was designed to be simpler than a game like Magic the Gathering, but more complicated than UNO. You will have full understanding of the game rules by the end of your first game.


  • The Junkyard (aka Discard Piles) - This is the name of the discard pile where all used/discarded cards go in the game. Robot Part Cards are placed in one and Game Cards are placed in a separate pile. Both discard piles are referred to as the Junkyard. When either deck runs out, the respective discard pile is reshuffled into the deck.
  • +1 Energy Card Ability (Installed On-Site Generators and Steel Armor Factory Cards) - A card stating "+1 Energy" means that your starting energy that is regained at the beginning of your turn is six (6) rather than the standard five (5). The additional energy is not gained when the card is played. The maximum energy that you are allowed to have at any one time is six (6).
  • Force Field Card - The Force Field Card is a unique base upgrade that is used to block attacks. To use the ability, players will spend 3 energy to cancel an attack from a player who has declared that they are attacking. One use of the ability only prevents a single attack. Players cannot play cards on another players turn. In order to use this card you must have enough energy left to spend at the end of your turn (your energy returns to max at the beginning of each of your turns).
  • Gamble Card - The Gamble card only affects rolls that you make, not rolls from your opponent(s). This, like the Force Field, may be used on an opponent's turn if you have energy to spend.
  • Saving Energy (Force Field Card and Gamble) - Your unspent energy each turn is maintained until the beginning of your turn allowing you to use abilities like that of the Force Field. You are only allowed to play cards from your hand on your turn, so make sure that you stock up your energy if you need it for the Force Field!


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