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A long time ago, on a vacation far, far away...two excited and free spirited youngsters were sitting atop a volcano pondering what they would enjoy next in life. After realizing the next best thing to eating lunch on a volcano was being dropped out of a helicopter onto a speeding train car to fight for ultimate victory, they had a tough problem to solve: How do we make this happen so other people can enjoy it? The answer was robots. If everyone built their own robot to fight, they could all enjoy dashing and daring, James Bond-like scenarios.

As members of the Mississippi State University Entrepreneurship Club, Daniel Crist and Cody Smith set out to create BEEP BOOP, a card game where players can build their own robots and fight to the destruction of the other players. 

Since that time Daniel and Cody have been hard at work creating a top-notch quality game. Focusing first on game-play and user experience, the dynamic duo created innumerable versions of the game and alpha tested them with kids, college students, and adults. After ironing out the details, the design concept and art took form to match with their original vision of a world where robots, bases, epic battles, and ultimate victory were possible.

Now with the BEEP BOOP complete, Daniel and Cody are set to release it to the world, bringing joy and happiness to people everywhere through the power and excitement of robots.

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